Raise MONEY SMART kids with Saffi Squirrel Books


Join Saffi Squirrel and the Squad, as we build Smart and Smarter Money Habits for kids of all ages. That’s all of us!

The Saffi Squirrel project was born out of the desire to help families cultivate better values and habits, through meaningful stories and thought-provoking activities.

Our first initiative, Money Smart, teaches financial literacy to kids. Together, let’s go beyond the four corners of the classroom to create a better, extraordinary future.

Saffi Squirrel aims to empower families with the foundational principles of financial literacy. Teaching and imparting these money-saving habits will be useful for children as they grow older.

Through this, we collaborate with Big People to speak a shared language of financial literacy. In the process, we may inspire a change in their own current mindsets on money management, while teaching and imparting a new perspective to their kids.

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The More, the Money-er!


Children’s brains are at its most flexible at year 0-5–a critical period for learning and growth. Hence, as parents, whatever you’ve built on those crucial years will have lifelong effect to them. Be present. Connect better.


All good things take time to grow. When we start instilling good money habits now, we will be able to see the fruits of good money management skills in our children when they grow up.


What we say affects the way our children respond to any situation. Practice mindful communication and you’ll see your kids become more emphatic and open to you.


The skills and talents we have aren’t meant for ourselves alone. We are to share them with others.


When you’ve got your eye on Bigger Things, the inconsequential things don’t seem as tempting.


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