The Saffi Squirrel project was born out of the desire to help families cultivate better values and habits, through meaningful stories and thought-provoking activities. Our first initiative, Money Smart, teaches financial literacy to kids.

Over time, we will introduce other skills and values, such as Creativity (Art Smart) and Responsibility (Home Smart). Saffi Squirrel encourages big people (parents, educators, aunts, uncles, etc.) to exercise mindfulness in their words and actions, as those ultimately mold young minds.

Together, let’s go beyond the four corners of the classroom to create a better, extraordinary future.

The Authors

Clarissa Seriña de la Paz

Clarissa Seriña de la Paz is a financial literacy advocate and co-author of two books, “I Wish They Taught Money in School” and “Money Grows on Trees.” Her parenting style is leading by example, and this is how she educates her kids (and fellow-parents) on Money Smart principles. Clarissa is currently based in Singapore with her husband Miko and two beautiful children, Alessi and Basti.

Monique Leonardo Carlos

Monique Leonardo Carlos is a certified Early Childhood and Infant-Toddler Educator and currently works as the Director of a Family Resource Program. She believes that mindfulness and a shared language among family members are what make better conversations between Big People and children. Monique is currently based in British Columbia, Canada, with her husband Rus and her children, Mattina, Renée, and Rafael

Building Better Money Habits In Kids Through The Joy Of Reading

It’s never too early to teach children how to become financially literate. Through colorful and relatable stories on essential life skills, Saffi Squirrel is helping parents and educators raise a money smart generation.

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

In an increasingly fast-paced world where almost anything can be accessed with a single tap, more and more children are potentially missing out on important principles and skills that can prepare them for life’s challenges. Handling finances, for instances, is a reality all adults need to face, and their money habits can be deeply ingrained from childhood.

The Saffi Squirrel series is divided into five books, each tackling different values and life skills.

Saffi Squirrel Money Smart Books

Saffi Squirrel aims to empower families with the foundational principles of financial literacy. Teaching and imparting these money-saving habits will be useful for children as they grow older. Through this, we collaborate with Big People to speak a shared language of financial literacy. In the process, we may inspire a change in their own current mindsets on money management, while teaching and imparting a new perspective to their kids. 

Meet the Saffi Squad, Mattina, Renée, Alessi, Basti and Rafael, in their Money Smart adventures with Saffi Squirrel!

Renée’s Ginormous Bag

Renée’s Ginormous Bag explores being mindful about our choices, taking care to understand what is necessary and what is not. Ultimately, we believe money consciousness begins when kids learn how to differentiate needs vs wants.. While the story highlights situations more relevant to children’s experiences, we feel that the ability to discern in early life is a great foundation for making wise money decisions in the future.

Rafael Stretches His Patience

“Waiting is so hard!”- a phrase we often hear children say. Before we can explore the concepts of investing and long-term gains, children need to understand the value of patience and delayed gratification. Rafael Stretches His Patience teaches kids the difference between instant gratification and delayed gratification—an important life skill that goes beyond managing money.

Alessi’s Pot of Gold

All of us, adults and children alike, are blessed with many talents, skills, interests, and the capacity to learn and grow. More than being aware of these, it is important for us to know how to best use them. Alessi’s Pot of Gold shares the value of creativity and abundance. It explores the concept of what a ‘pot of gold’ really means and using it to unlock so many avenues of earning money. Whoever said we can only have one source of income anyway?

Mattina Dreams Big

Mattina Dreams Big encourages children to turn their hearts’ desires into realities, and to open their minds to unlimited possibilities. We hope to teach our little ones how to turn their dreams into goals with careful planning and believing in oneself.

Basti Builds a Home

Basti Builds a Home introduces children to the value of helping others, no matter how young they are. The book hopes to communicate that even small acts can have a massive impact on the world. Ultimately, the mindset that we hope to encourage is one that sees money as a tool to be able to help others.

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